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The Holiday House “Il Pozzo” is located a few kilometers from a long series of tourist resorts in Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany, renowned for their incomparable artistic and landscape beauties.
Inside the company there are the archaeological remains of the Roman Villa of Poggio Gramignano, from the 2nd century BC, found in 1988 with an excavation campaign conducted by Italian and American researchers.

Near the company, it is possible to visit the picturesque village of Lugnano in Teverina, which stands on a wooded hill formerly dedicated to the God Janus (“Lucus Janus”, hence Lugnano). Do not miss the visit to the Church (or Collegiate) of Santa Maria Assunta mentioned in every book of art history, a jewel of Romanesque architecture of the eleventh century, which houses numerous works of great artistic value, including a school Crucifixion Giottesca, a triptych by Nicolò Alunno (dated 1494) and a 15th century alabaster crucifix, considered miraculous.

Also worth visiting in Lugnano is the Convent of San Francesco d’Assisi, built in 1228 in honor of the miracle that the Saint performed in Lugnano, ordering a duck to save the son of a woman kidnapped by a wolf. The Town Hall of Lugnano houses the Antiquarium, an interesting museum with the artifacts found in the Roman Villa of Poggio Gramignano.

11 km from the farmhouse we find the ancient town of Amelia, known in Roman times as Ameria, surrounded by the famous Cyclopean walls of the 6th century BC. and rich in monuments of great artistic and historical interest, such as the 11th century Cathedral, the Church of San Francesco from 1287.

At 16 km you can visit the curious Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo, formerly Villa delle Meraviglie, a jewel of Mannerist art, a labyrinth of gigantic statues and monstrous stone creatures built in 1552 by Pirro Ligorio on commission from Prince Vicino Orsini.

At 39 km there is the beautiful Viterbo, whose architectural beauties of unparalleled splendor (the Papal Palace, residence of the popes, the Cathedral, the S.Pellegrino district, the Palazzo dei Priori, the churches and all the monuments) although built in epochs different, coexist harmoniously in a still well preserved historic center. Renowned is the Sanctuary of S. Rosa, which houses the body of the Saint, who every year on September 3 is remembered with the transport of the S. Rosa car, a monument about 30 meters high, 5 tons heavy, carried on the shoulder of 100 men (the famous “porters”). For lovers of well-being, do not miss the unforgettable experience at the Terme dei Papi, with an adjoining complex specialized in thermal treatments and natural therapies, whose monumental swimming pool, fed by the Bullicame spring, has an area of ​​over 2,000 square meters and offers the possibility of being able to pleasantly immerse yourself in the steaming waters with healing properties even in the harsh winter months.

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