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“Il Pozzo” Farm has a vast olive grove of approx. 7ha, on hilly partly calcareous ground which is particularly suitable for the characteristics of P.D.O. Umbrian extra virgin olive oil at the foot of the Amerini Hills (where the farm is) that places this oil among the best of our country because of the particular combination of the climate, soil and variety of olives. In fact the mild dry climate in this area together with the high permeability of the land plus the different varieties of olives (Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio, mainly Moraiolo) are the right ingredients to make high quality extra virgin olive oil that the farm produces maintaining the old cultivation and harvesting methods. The olives are pressed at the Intermunicipal Oil mill at Lugnano in Teverina where great attention is paid to the washing, pressing, scutching, extraction, separation and preservation of the olives.

Tests carried out in fully guaranteed structures (such as the Chamber of Commerce at Rome, section of Product Certification-Commodity Chemical Laboratory) attest the characteristics of an extra virgin olive oil with a very low acidity, rich in natural antioxidants, fruity, greeny-gold in colour, slightly bitter, pleasantly spicy, more harmonic when mature, definitely a “well-balanced oil”, ideal for all types of seasoning and suitable with all vegetable, fish and meat dishes, soups and naturally bruschetta (toasted garlic bread) where its qualities can be appreciated to the full.

Therefore our extra virgin olive oil is an essential nutriment for health as it prevents cardiovascular disturbances, reduces bad cholesterol and protects against the aging processing. 
A bottle of this oil is offered to farm guests and is also on sale.

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